(from) Niche (to) Norm


There is something amazing about being in the presence of energized people seeking to celebrate and enrich the lives of others. 

We started Niche2Norm to provide a space to foster these conversations and empower those whose lives we touch. 


We believe every organization has the opportunity to become more positive, more powerful and more profitable by creating environments where all customers and all clients, all employees and all stakeholders feel valued and able to bring their complete selves to every interaction.


Diversity is the reality of the world; inclusion is our vision for the world.

Our future is a collective one.




Timothy Vianney Kane



RECENT FOCI: Asset mapping and partnership building

With a specialty in civic engagement, cultural integration and inclusion initiatives, Mr. Kane creates safe space for authentic dialogue and empowering communication regarding personal identities, individual empowerment and community success. Highlights of Mr. Kane’s recent activities include (a) facilitated trainings regarding LGBT diversity and inclusion for the Department of State and the Department of Education; (b) director for LGBT and religious diversity and inclusion for a large university with over 30,000 students, staff and faculty.




Matthew Trent Trainum


RECENT FOCI: Organizational culture and institutional strategic planning

With a specialty in organizational learning and project management, Mr. Trainum brings an extensive background in large and small deployment of initiatives across organizations. Highlights of Mr. Trainum’s recent activities include (a) project manager for nationally deployed web-based educational series for over 25,000 members, with a primary focus on success for non-majority groups; (b) project manager for a national conference with 2,500 attendees.





Associates & Consultants

If you would like to partner with Niche2Norm please contact us at Partner@Niche2Norm.com