Engagement... LGBT+, Civic, and Religious

Learn to celebrate and support the powerful and often overlapping personal identities of members of your organization and community while activating your collective ability to create change. 


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Engagement

We believe every business, school, and organization has the opportunity to become more positive, more powerful and more profitable by creating environments where all community members (all students and staff, all customers and all clients, all employees and all stakeholder) feel valued and able to bring their complete selves to every interaction.


With backgrounds that include wider diversity education, we specialize in the unique conversations around sexual and gender identities.  The opportunity to explore LGBT Diversity and Inclusion is valued by all audiences and especially enjoyed by international audiences.


 Most Requested Areas:


  1. Fostering an LGBT-Positive Workplace

  2. Beyond Binaries: Diversity of Sexual and Gender Identities

  3. Becoming an LGBT Ally (LGBT Supporter/Ally Development)

  4. Reducing Acts of Insensitivity


Other Areas of Work:


  • Becoming an LGBT Ally (LGBT Supporter/Ally Development)

  • LGBT and Faith Communities

  • Service as an LGBT Value

  • Intersecting Identities (LGBT-Race-Gender-Social Economic-Ability)

  • Transgender Diversity & Inclusion

  • Higher Education and LGBT Students, Staff and Faculty

  • LGBT Youth Empowerment

  • Combating LGBT School Bullying

  • Coming Out as LGBT

  • History of LGBT Civil Rights in the USA

  • History of LGBT Civil Rights around the Globe

  • Same Sex Marriage in the USA

  • HIV Prevention and LGBT Communities


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Civic Engagement

The solutions our world needs are collective, the results of combined actions across sectors of society. 


Learn to harness the potential of community empowerment through creative action and servant-leadership.  Invest in the people and places that make your community unique, as you build bridges to a sustainable future of civic engagement.


Most Requested Areas:


  1. Service Learning

  2. Private-Public Partnerships


Other Areas of Work:


  • Servant Leadership

  • Volunteerism

  • Faith-Based Initiatives

  • Non-Profit Management

  • Philanthropy


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Religious & Spiritual Engagement

Under-discussed but always right below the surface, our need for spiritual engagement is a deep human driver.  Starting from their own thirst for spiritual fulfillment We at Niche2Norm have found a hunger around this topic regardless of the audience and have designed activities and interactions based on an open approach to one of our core


Areas of Work:

  1. Faith-Based Initiatives

  2. Interfaith Programming

  3. Spiritual Identity Development


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